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Dactyl Manuform Keyboard

Dactyl Manuform Keyboard

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Comes in different sizing to fit small to large hands. Improved from open source design. Keyboard has 5 rows and 6 columns of keyswitches, similar to a standard keyboard. 

  • Hotswappable
    • Swap the default keyswitch for another type on your own without soldering.
    • Hotswapping isn't perfect, but if you hotswap one switch at a time you shouldn't have any problems.
    • Supports MX Cherry, Gateron and similar switches.
    • Does not support Kailh or low profile switches.
  • Swap microcontrollers
    • Swap microcontrollers easily. No soldering or desoldering required for swapping microcontrollers. The microcontroller must have pin headers attached onto them. If they do not, it will require soldering the pin headers onto the microcontrollers itself.
    • Supports nice!nanos.
  • Supports QMK and ZMK firmware
  • Split design
  • Ortholinear
  • PCB designed in-house
  • Design improvements above the original for better reliability
  • Well documented user guide

What's Included

  • Fully functional keyboard that works out of the box
    • Pre-flashed with QMK firmware in QWERTY layout
    • Powered by Arduino Pro Micros with USB-C connector
    • Keyboard case 3D printed in PLA plastic
    • DSA profile keycaps
    • Gateron Brown keyswitches
  • TRS cable. Updated to curly TRS cord as of Aug 1, 2022. 
  • USB-C cable
  • Plastic tents
  • 3M Rubber feet to prevent keyboard sliding on smooth surfaces


  • General rule of thumb is to use your size of medical nitrile gloves. Specifically the thumb portion of the gloves.
  • For example, your thumb fits medium gloves, get size medium.
  • If in doubt, just contact us.


  • Manufacturing time is 2 weeks. This is in addition to shipping time.
  • Please double check shipping option at checkout. As of Oct 1 2022, all shipping options come with tracking.
  • For full details, see shipping policy.


  • Please contact for invoice requests.


  • Any reports of hardware issue will be noted here.
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