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OhKeyCaps Alternative: TaikoHub

OhKeyCaps vs TaikoHub

OhKeyCaps offers a dactyl manuform keyboard just like TaikoHub, but it has long leadtimes, complex options, and is unchangeable after it's made.

OhKeyCaps is for people with hardware knowledge who know their keyboard preference will never change. TaikoHub offer a smooth user experience for those who want their keyboard to work out of the box without any customizations. TaikoHub is also customizable for those who want to want to try its bleeding edge features.




Lots of choices (à la carte) Works out of the box (omakase). Optional bleeding edge features.


Non-Hotswappable keyboards
Hotswappable keyboards
Leadtime Hotswappable: 3-4 years [1]. Non-hotswappable: 3-4 months [2]. But may be longer [3]. 2 weeks


Handwired PCB

Hotswap Experience

Need to open the keyboard to hold Kailh sockets while swapping. No reinforcement inside keyboard.

Option 1: Using Plastic Reinforcements: Currently a bleeding edge feature. Same steps as a regular keyboard, pull off old switch and push in new switch. Must hotswap 1 switch at a time. Reinforcement inside make it hard to break, but do not protect against PCB shifting if numerous switches are removed all at once.

Option 2: Without Plastic Reinforcements: You can remove the plastic reinforcements that come with the keyboard. Doing this will make the hotswap experience similar the OhKeyCaps keyboard. Need to the keyboard and hold the Kailh sockets while hotswapping.


6 keyed thumb cluster (in 2 designs) 3, 5 and 6 keyed thumb cluster

Keyboard Layout

4x6, 5x6, 5x7, 6x6 5x6


Cannot upgrade after product is made. Optional DIY upgrades with official tutorials. Optional official upgrade modules with new major releases.


Optional BlueMicro add-on. Add Bluetooth with your own nice!nanos with tutorials.


Wired: QMK Firmware
Bluetooth: BlueMicro Firmware
Wired: QMK Firmware
Bluetooth: ZMK Firmware

Compatible Cords



Complex pricing.

Keyboard Case (Non-Hotswappable): $325-$399
Keyboard Case (Hotswappable): $525-$535
Keycaps: $55-$68
Switches: $15-$125
Microcontrollers: $16-$76
TRRS Cable: $3-$9
USB-C Cable: $28-$36
Complete (Non-Hotswappable) Keyboard: $442 - $712
Complete (Hotswappable) Keyboard: $642 - $839
Simple pricing.
Includes everything.

Complete PLA Plastic Keyboard: $425
Complete Resin Keyboard: $465

[1] https://ohkeycaps.com/products/dactyl-manufom-hot-swap-keyboards.

[2] https://ohkeycaps.com/products/built-to-order-dactyl-manuform-keyboard.

[3] https://www.reddit.com/r/ErgoMechKeyboards/comments/srjsg8/psa_oh_keycaps_scammed_me.