An improved dactyl manuform keyboard

Ships in 2 weeks

TaikoHub ergonomic split mechanical ortholinear dactyl manuform keyboard

Maximum comfort & productivity

Complete your ergonomic setup with this split contoured keyboard.

Tactile, Linear, or Clicky

Beta Feature: Hotswapping keyswitches is a beta feature. It's recommended you hotswap one switch at a time.

Gain ultimate control

Beta Feature: Swap in any microcontroller a Pro Micro layout and pin headers attached. Officially supports nice!nanos.

  • QMK & ZMK Compatible

    Sick of QWERTY? Easily change to Dvorak, Colemak or roll your own custom keyboard layout with QMK or ZMK.

  • Split Design

    Say no to shoulder pain. No need to hunch your shoulders with this split design.

  • Hotswappable

    You have the option to hotswap your keyswitches. This feature is currently in beta.

  • I want a keyboard that works out of the box. I don't care to customize.

    If you want a dactyl manuform keyboard that just works and you're not interested in hotswapping or swapping microcontrollers, this keyboard is for you.

  • I want a keyboard that I can customize seamlessly.

    If you want a keyboard that has perfected hotswapping or is guaranteed to work with microcontrollers that are not officially supported, this keyboard is not for you.

  • I want a keyboard that's on the cutting edge.

    If you want to try cutting edge features and you don't mind potential hiccups with those specific features, this keyboard is for you. Current beta features: hotswapping and swapping microcontrollers.

Taiko Dactyl Keyboard Ergodox Moonlander Kinesis Advantage 2 Kinesis Freestyle 2
Split Keyboard
Curved Columns
Customizable Keyboard Layout
Sizes 3 1 1 1 1
  • Easily swap out the default Arduino Pro Micros.

  • TaikoHub Dactyl Manuform Keyboard with Wireless Bluetooth using Nice!Nano

    And swap in any microcontroller with a similar layout.

    Example above adds Bluetooth with nice!nanos.